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Don't lose clients to the competition because you don't have an in-agency mapping department...Crop Insurance Services does it for you! Farmers insured through an agency affiliated with CIS receive our free mapping service as well. If you would like to produce maps for your clients in-house you can purchase AgriMaps or, call us and find out how to get AgriMaps for free!



"You can buy crop insurance anywhere. Why not get great service and free GPS maps too?"

You've heard the saying many times, "a picture is worth a thousand words". In our case maps do the same thing. Our free mapping services helps us understand your cropping operation better, which enables us set up your policy correctly and also helps us explain and recommend the best unit structure to you based on the way you farm and/or your tolerance for risk.

Our free maps let us talk the same "language". When you say Mom's 80, we know you are referring to Unit 0101. Or when we say Unit 0103, you know we are referring to Wheelock's 120. We also developed a record keeping page designed to help you keep track of your important production information.

We hope these maps help you in your record keeping needs, but if not maybe they will keep the "coop" from spraying the wrong field and/or with the wrong product. You could also use the maps to show the "hired-help" where that rock is that you unearthed during know, the big one that needs removing from the field.

Clicking on thumbnail images of the maps below will link you to higher resolution files where you can see the detail of our maps, from an overview of your entire operation to a close-up/detail view of each farm or insurance unit. Our maps include section, township, and county based-data, as well as roads and rivers. We can even layer in aerial photography. Need a wall map or customized maps? We can do that too, however, there may be a nominal fee for that service.


Overview map
download overview example

Detail Map
download detail example


Record keeping page
download record keeping page

Wall map
download wall map example


"Again, GPS mapping is a free service that CIS provides its clients! We believe so much in the value that mapping adds to servicing your crop insurance needs, that we developed our own software to do it, AgriMaps!"

If you want to produce maps on your own, purchase our AgriMaps software. Whether you're in farming, crop insurance, or any application that needs geo-referenced maps, AgriMaps is easy to use software with no limiting license agreement. We don't restrict its use.

Adobe Acrobat Reader : This program is needed to view many of the documents you will encounter on the internet that has a file format ending in "pdf".



Crop Insurance Services is one of few agencies in the nation offering free GPS mapping for all clients that desire maps. Many times, even when a client doesn't desire maps, we produce them anyway for internal use...again, to make sure we are doing everything possible to ensure your policy is set up correctly.

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